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With Trakshym, getting started is simple. Because of its ease of use, you can spend more time with guests and require less staff training.

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We are always here to assist you with any questions or problems you may have, so you can always count on us for support.

Always Up to Date

Our tools stay up to date with the most recent developments and trends in the dynamic realm of business.

99.5% uptime guaranteed

Our goal is to ensure that your operations are uninterrupted and function flawlessly.

Industries we Serve globally


Welcome to the solar world of technology with our clever ideas. In addition to energy efficiency, we offer solar panel monitoring services.



Make a big impression in the jewelry industry with our IT prowess. Easily maintain your jewelry inventory, sales, and clientele. Continue to be dazzlingly effective!



With our cutting-edge products, you can simplify your logistics and transportation operations. Track shipments, identify the most efficient routes, and wow clients with excellent customer service.



You can streamline your transportation and logistics processes with our state-of-the-art products. Track shipments, determine the most effective routes, and dazzle customers with first-rate support.


Transportation & Logistics

Restaurants and cafes, wake up! Let's increase your online presence. Our IT solutions enable you to display your mouthwatering menus, send out enticing promotions, and streamline online reservations.


Food & Restaurant

Use our tech to increase sales and establish expert connections with nearby clients. With flair and efficiency, handle your sales, inventory, and client relations.


Real estate

Utilize our technology to boost revenue and build knowledgeable relationships with local clients. Handle your inventory, clientele, and sales with style and efficiency.



To maintain your fitness for the future, use our fitness technologies. The health records of your clients, memberships, and classes are all simple to handle.



Organize and carry out events with ease using our practical IT solutions. Easily stay on top of scheduling, guests, and all the specifics of the event.


Event Planning

Utilize our e-commerce technology to enhance the performance of your online store. Keep customers coming back for more, manage your inventory, and streamline sales.


Unlock the Trakshym magic

Centralize all your essential operations in one place. Connect your team, access your data, review your history, manage your resources, and much more.

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I run a jewelry business. How can I grow my presence online?

Trakshym can enhance your jewelry business's online presence by providing smart IT solutions for inventory management and sales boosting, helping you reach a wider audience and increase online transactions.

My business is in transportation and logistics. How can I manage my business more efficiently?

Trakshym's technology can help streamline your transportation and logistics operations, making it easier to track shipments, optimize routes, and improve customer service, thus attracting more clients through efficient service.

I own a restaurant or cafe. How can I enhance my online visibility?

With Trakshym, showcase your restaurant or cafe's menu online, promote special deals, and enable hassle-free table reservations to enhance your online visibility and attract more diners.

I have a local retail store. Is it possible to attract the client through digital medium?

Definitely, Trakshym can help increase your local retail store's online sales and customer engagement by managing inventory, sales, and customer relationships more efficiently.

I run a fitness studio or gym. How can I manage my services online?

Utilize Trakshym's fitness tech to manage classes, memberships, and track health records online, making your services more accessible to clients and helping your business grow.

I'm involved in event planning. How can I streamline my services online?

With Trakshym, manage all your event planning details online, from tracking schedules and attendees to ensuring every aspect of the event is covered, making your services more appealing to potential clients.

I work in beauty and wellness. How can I manage my business online?

Let Trakshym assist you in managing appointments and customer information for your salon, spa, or beauty clinic online, enhancing operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

I manage an educational institution. How can I integrate more online services?

Transform your educational institution with Trakshym by managing courses, admissions, and faculty online, and integrating e-learning platforms to make education more accessible.