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AI/ML and Automation

With the help of Retail Dynamics,Trakshym's AI and machine learning solutions can increase sales through the analysis of client preferences and the optimization of your product offerings.

Web technologies

With the help of Retail Dynamics, Trakshym's AI and machine learning solutions can increase sales through the analysis of client preferences and the optimization of your product offerings.

Mobile technologies

We create customized IT solutions, such as task automation and workflow optimization, to meet your particular requirements.


You may maximize your IT setup and make informed technology selections by depending on our professional IT consulting services.

Cloud Solutions

Our affordable and scalable cloud solutions enable companies to flourish in a world that is changing quickly.

Design solutions

We help companies create distinctive, eye-catching, and complex mobile applications or websites that highlight their products.


"Trakshym simplifies the process of handling your business."

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How can I get started with Digital Transformation?

Ready to transform? Our experts guide you through the process to make your business adaptable and poised for growth. Let's kickstart your digital journey together.

What's the key to successful E-commerce with your solutions?

Up your online game! Our e-commerce solutions will amp up your web presence, turbocharge sales, and make shopping a breeze for your customers.

Do you offer Cloud Solutions for business growth?

Yes, we do! Our Cloud Solutions empower businesses to adapt, thrive, and scale in a rapidly changing world. It's time to take your business to the clouds!

Need help with IT Consulting?

Our expert IT consulting services are here to make your technology decisions informed and your IT infrastructure optimized. We're just a call away to assist you.

Tell me more about DevOps Services.

We're all about efficient software development, continuous integration, and better software quality with our DevOps expertise. Let's take your software game to the next level.

What can I expect from your AI/ML and Automation solutions?

Get ready for automation, data-driven insights, and smarter decision-making with our AI/ML and Automation services. It's time to put AI to work for your business.

Looking for Custom Business Solutions? What's in it for me?

Our tailored IT solutions address your unique challenges, from process automation to workflow optimization. Let's design a solution that fits your needs perfectly.

Interested in ERP Solutions? What do they do?

Our comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions simplify processes, boost productivity, and support data-driven decision-making. It's all about making business better.

Need a hand? How can I reach out to your support team?

We're here for you! You can shoot us an email at contact@trakshym.com, or give us a ring at (+91)76008 28787 (it's toll-free).